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I'm Ila!

I’m a freelance makeup artist based in New York City with more than six years’ experience in commercials, music videos, advertisements, creative photoshoots, and special events. The best part about doing makeup is the people I get to work with, and my focus has always been on making them look and feel beautiful.

My professional career began in 2014 while I attended the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, where I saw a need for makeup work. With my background in photography, I learned about the importance of color theory and lighting, and how makeup can make all the difference in capturing a subject. Since then I’ve spent countless hours refining my skills and have worked with a variety of private clients and companies to provide makeup that is personalized, natural, and expressive.

While the subtle “no-makeup" look is one of my specialties, I’m passionate about learning the latest, most innovative techniques, and am never shy about bold experimentation in my creative projects. I draw inspiration from all sorts of different sources, from the subtleties of everyday life to the bright lights of music festivals. I’ve worked with models with all kinds of different features—my talent is to find out their personal tastes and play into their strengths to transform them into their best selves.

I believe that the tone on set starts with me, and if a client comes in and they’re not in a good mood, talking with me and getting ready can really help push things along and get them excited about whatever it is they’re here for. I care about making their experience easier, staying on time and on task with scheduling, and getting everything to run as smoothly as possible. When they leave my chair, I want them to feel empowered to be in front of a camera.


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